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Safe-T-Cut : Load center with RCCB, USA Type breaker


Load center is used for residential houses, buildings and general offices that require safety from electrical accidents from electric shock. (Leakage current through people), leakage electricity, overload current (Over Load) and short circuit (Short Circuit)

  • Leakage Current Tripping Time ที่ 30 mA within 0.04 seconds 0.04 วินาที
  • Indicated light for each phase
  • Split Busbar

Busbar 1 For the main breaker to control all indoor circuits and circuits that are less vulnerable to electric shock.

Busbar 2 For circuits with high risk of electric shock such as sockets, water heaters, water pumps, outdoor electricity will be controlled by an anti-suction device RCCB

  • Rated current at 50A, 63A, 80A, 100A
  • Number of pole available at 2 sizes  12 and 18 pole
  • Sub circuit breaker type (USA)
  • RCCB Referred to TIS standard 2425-2552
  • Load center referred to TIS standard 1436 Volume 3 20211436-2540

Installation and Application

: When installing, the size of the mains cable must be suitable for the size of the electricity meter. (must meet the standards of the Electricity Authority) The sub-circuit breaker will look like a Plug In, that is, it can be plugged in or pinned down to use immediately. sub breaker

Can use sub circuit breaker in USA type (Plug-in)